A teacher’s aide who sexually exploited a male high school student for two years was sentenced Tuesday to 14 months in jail.

46-year-old Katherine Kitt had tried to convince Ontario Court Justice Celynne Dorval that it was just a horrible lapse in judgment. It didn’t work.

The planning, not to mention the duration of the sexual exploitation, was anything but spontaneous. Ms. Kitts would sometimes put an air mattress into her minivan for sexual encounters in parking lots and parks.

“Had there been one or two sexual encounters before she ended the relationship, I would be prepared to accept that the emotional turmoil of her own separation could lead to a terrible lapse in judgement. That is not the case. The relationship was fostered through repeated text messages. Ms. Kitts wasn’t questioning her judgment during 15,000 text messages?” the judge asked out loud.

Her crimes were exposed back in 2014 when the victim’s mother had found sexually graphic text messages on her son’s phone. She pleaded guilty last March to one count of sexual exploitation by someone in a position of trust.

The victim had always struggled in class, so when he met the poor excuse for an aide, he was extremely grateful. He saw her as a guide all the way through to graduation day. She helped him with his homework and he trusted her, according to his mother.

But a year later, Ms. Kitts was stalking him, and he felt like he had to have sex with her or she’d fail him. This difficult assumption caused him to become “distant, tired and withdrawn”.

Ms. Kitts will be on two years of probation after her jail time is served.