A Tennessee elementary school teacher was arrested Monday for having filmed over 40 girls changing in a closet on school grounds.

30-year-old Jarrett Jones, an assistant band director and former teacher at Napier Elementary school, had secretly filmed the minor girls in the school’s music room using a tiny and hidden recording device.

Mr. Jones had asked a co-worker to take a look at his computer after it began having problems. That co-worker stumbled upon the files and alerted staff.

The videos were taken from a folder on his hard drive titled “Napier” at his home. During police questioning, Jones admitted that he’d recorded around 20 students. Once the hard drive was obtained, police found at least double that number of different young girls recorded.

Authorities detailed one video showing a young girl being led to the music room closet by Mr. Jones, where she was then given a choir shirt to try on.

After Jones leaves the room, the girl changes into the shirt. He then takes her back to the closet, says something to her, then leaves. Once he leaves, the girl removes her training bra and puts the choir shirt back on.

Jones was arrested on two counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation, and three counts of sexual exploitation of minors.

His bond was set at $100,000 and he may well be handed more charges.




An Oklahoma teacher was taken into custody Friday for inappropriate contact with a child.

48-year-old Shelley Jo Duncan was arrested by special agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation arrested after Tishomingo Police asked for help. The OSBI interviewed several people and gathered enough evidence to make the arrest.

“We believe there was an inappropriate sexual relationship between this women and a young male student,” said OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown. “The Tishomingo Police Dept. requested OSBI and had gathered this information of an alleged affair was going on.”

She just happens to be married to the Superintendent of Schools for Tishomingo Public Schools, Kevin Duncan. She’s a certified Pre-K-12 counselor and works as an English teacher at an alternative education high school.

She’s also worked at the Office of Juvenile Affairs as a Juvenile Justice Specialist from 1998-2006. Then she moved on to the Department of Corrections, where she worked as a probation and parole officer. She resigned that position in 2012.

Lastly, she was the head cheerleading coach at Tishomingo High School.

She was booked into the Johnston County Jail on a complaint of lewd or indecent proposals or acts with a child under 16.




A former Florida teacher at Nease High School pleaded guilty Thursday to a single count of having sex with a student. She was sentenced to one year in the St. Johns County jail.

29-year-old Dionne Younce was a physical education teacher, but was fired in February after allegations of misconduct with students surfaced.

The Sheriff’s Office says it began investigating her in January after getting “three or four letters” from students saying that she’d had an inappropriate relationship with at least one student.

A 17-year-old told investigators that he’d had sex with her at least twice in her apartment.

Three students say she’d messaged them and sent them text messages, starting last fall. One of them says she also Snapchatted with him. He called it “casual,” but says it then “turned sexual after a while”.

Ms. Younce was suspended by the St. Johns County School Board in January while the investigation was being carried out, and was officially fired in February.

She was arrested February 25th on two counts of unlawful sexual activity with minors.

She was sentenced to 364 days in jail, but the judge gave her credit for two days of time served.

Upon her release, she’ll spend five years on probation with sex offender conditions, and will be required to register as a sex offender.




A now-former teacher in New York was charged Monday for having sex with a 17-year-old male student in a classroom.

30-year-old Marina Y. Viviani has been charged with third-degree rape and sodomy-related felony sex act charges, each of which carries up to four years in prison. She’s also been hit with misdemeanor sex crime charges.

The incidents are said to have taken place in November and December of 2014 at the school for troubled youth.

The high school English teacher was employed by the district for a year, but has since been placed on administrative leave, and isn’t expected to return.

Ms. Viviani is alleged to have had sex with the student in a LaSalle School classroom before he was discharged from a residential program.

Viviani’s attorney, Michael S. Pollok, says she denies the allegations, which he says are the “product of an extortion scheme perpetrated by the complainant and his accomplice.”

He went on to say that Viviani “adamantly denies that she had sexual contact with this person while he was a student at La Salle.”

The abuse allegations came to light after the saucy teacher is said to have “continued a relationship with the student, which included phone calls, text messages, the exchange of digital photos and travel to New York City.”

She was released under supervision and is scheduled to appear in court again on September 23rd.




An Ohio high school teacher has pleaded not guilty to having sex repeatedly with a female student almost 20 years ago.

48-year-old Kimberly Siracuse was arrested Sunday on three counts of sexual battery stemming from incidents that stemmed way back from 1997.

She works as a social studies teacher at Ashland High School but has been on paid leave since March.

Police turned over the results of their investigation to the prosecutor’s office back in June. Ms. Siracuse was taken into custody at just after 9 p.m. Sunday at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ashland.

A grand jury indicted her last week on the three sexual battery counts following a long investigation.

Each count carries a possible sentence of up to five years in prison. The statute of limitations on the charges is 20 years.

She was released from jail on a personal recognizance bond Monday after pleading not guilty to the charges.

As a condition of her release, she’s barred from having any contact with the victim or any student or staff at the school unless required for her work.

She’s scheduled to go on trial next March.




A former Oklahoma teacher’s aide that was charged last year with lewd or indecent proposals/acts to a child under 16, pleaded guilty on August 25th.

30-year-old Brittney Rae Padget, on January 28, 2015, had deputies respond to her home after a complaint from her own husband. He’d found inappropriate content on her phone that involved a 15-year-old student. That content also included messages back and forth on social media between her and the student. That went on for over three months.

She also purportedly kissed the minor student in her vehicle while waiting for hiss parents to pick him up from school.

She admitted to investigators that she’d known he was 15 when she engaged in the behavior.

She was given a three-year suspended sentence with probation, ordered to pay fines, ordered to complete community service, and must register as a sex offender for life.




A teacher in Alabama stands accused of having sex with a student after a sexually explicit video started circulating among students.

33-year-old Charlaina Lee Wilson was arrested Friday after school officials and authorities learned of the video.

The video showed the agricultural teacher at Selma High School masturbating.

Authorities say she had sex with the unnamed student several times and at various locations, including on school grounds.

Her relationship with the student lasted at least two years.

She’s been charged with second-degree rape, second-degree sodomy, transmitting obscene material to a child by computer, and distributing material harmful to minors.

She’s currently being held on a $1,000,000 bond as the investigation continues.




A teacher’s aide in Texas, Mesquite to be exact, was arrested Thursday for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy.

27-year-old mother of two, Jessica Benton, admitted to having multiple sexual encounters with the boy; at least 10 times since May.

She worked as a kindergarten teacher’s aide at Tisinger Elementary, but authorities say the assaults took place at a private home and didn’t involve a student at the school she was employed at. The victim was a student was from a school in the same district, however.

Ms. Benton was separated from her husband and living with a family member that had several kids in the home. The victim wasn’t among them. He was, however, friends with the family and was often there for sleepovers. It was another child in the home that sounded the proverbial alarm.

The disgraced aide told investigators that she actually thought she could have a long-term relationship with the young boy. Rumors that she was pregnant with his child were put to rest by a negative pregnancy test.

She was initially charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, but the charges were changed to continuous sexual assault of a child.

Her bond was set at $100,000, and the Mesquite Independent School District placed her on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.




A teacher and devout Christian is alleged to have been caught in bed with a pupil during a school’s prom night.

Isabelle Graham,a teacher in France, was caught by a student student in a Travelodge hotel’s bed with another pupil.

The hearing featured a photo showing the scene. The teacher is seen laying in the bed.

Mrs. Graham, who is now married, denies the charges and claims to have no memory of anything after about 10.30 p.m. due to having drunk four glasses of wine.

She resigned from her position at Whitburn Academy after the allegations surfaced.



A teacher’s aide who sexually exploited a male high school student for two years was sentenced Tuesday to 14 months in jail.

46-year-old Katherine Kitt had tried to convince Ontario Court Justice Celynne Dorval that it was just a horrible lapse in judgment. It didn’t work.

The planning, not to mention the duration of the sexual exploitation, was anything but spontaneous. Ms. Kitts would sometimes put an air mattress into her minivan for sexual encounters in parking lots and parks.

“Had there been one or two sexual encounters before she ended the relationship, I would be prepared to accept that the emotional turmoil of her own separation could lead to a terrible lapse in judgement. That is not the case. The relationship was fostered through repeated text messages. Ms. Kitts wasn’t questioning her judgment during 15,000 text messages?” the judge asked out loud.

Her crimes were exposed back in 2014 when the victim’s mother had found sexually graphic text messages on her son’s phone. She pleaded guilty last March to one count of sexual exploitation by someone in a position of trust.

The victim had always struggled in class, so when he met the poor excuse for an aide, he was extremely grateful. He saw her as a guide all the way through to graduation day. She helped him with his homework and he trusted her, according to his mother.

But a year later, Ms. Kitts was stalking him, and he felt like he had to have sex with her or she’d fail him. This difficult assumption caused him to become “distant, tired and withdrawn”.

Ms. Kitts will be on two years of probation after her jail time is served.




An Orange County high school teacher who’d had an extremely long affair with a 15-year-old female student has now been sentenced to six months in jail.

37-year-old Rebecca Diebolt was sentenced Friday, and has also been ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

She’d pleaded guilty back in January to sex acts with a minor.

She’d been a language arts teacher, along with a swimming and water polo coach at Valencia High School.

She started the sexual relationship with the female student back in 2004, and it continued for four years, when the victim was in college.

That victim reported the acts to authorities in 2014.




A teacher’s aide at Jasper High School has been served a summons. She’s being sued for sexually abusing a student.

46-year-old Janice Rusk, along with her husband, and Dan Rusk, have been named as defendants in the lawsuit filed in Jasper County Circuit Court.

The plaintiff, who was 16 at the time of the abuse, has been identified only by initials in the paperwork filed by his attorney, Scott Vorhees.

Mrs. Janice Rusk pleaded guilty back in January of last year to second-degree statutory sodomy and second-degree statutory rape in connection with her abuse of the boy with whom she had sexual contact in December of 2013. She was sentenced in March of last year to seven years in prison, and is serving time at a women’s prison.

She was a teacher’s aide in the high school’s special ed at the time of the offenses.

According to the lawsuit, she “repeatedly sought opportunities to sexually molest (the boy) by bribery, employing manipulative tactics, false professions of affection, forced vows of secrecy and silence, and other such methods to coerce the minor child into keeping her actions silent, despite the enormous harm she was inflicting on the child physically, emotionally and mentally.”

It also asserts that the victim “did not have the physical or mental wherewithal to consent or escape from her advances.”

A second count claims that her husband “knew or should have known that his wife was using marital funds to bribe children” but “turned a blind eye” to “multiple warning signs of inappropriate behavior” on the part of his wife and, by doing so, enabled her “sexually inappropriate perversities.”

It claims that Mr. Rusk witnessed inappropriate conduct of his wife with minor boys that should have prompted him to intervene/rescue them and report his wife’s behavior to the parents or law enforcement. He took none, it alleges.

The compensatory and punitive damages being sought haven’t been disclosed.




A now-former middle school teacher is expected to plead guilty Friday on two counts related to sex with a student.

37-year-old Nicole Wilfinger had been a math teacher at Molasky Junior High School when she decided to become involved with a 14-year-old student back in 2015.

She’s said to be taking responsibility for any and all inappropriate activity she engaged in. She doesn’t want to put anyone through the necessity of a preliminary hearing or a trial, according to her attorney Kristina Wildeveld.

She was initially facing several counts, but will plead guilty to one count of statutory seduction, as well as one count of a teacher having sex with a student.

According to her arrest report, she kept a journal about her relationship with the student describing their “first kiss” and the “first time we had sex.”

She also was a family friend who babysat the victim’s younger sibling.




A Texas teacher stands accused of having a sexual relationship with a foreign exchange student who was living with her and her husband last year.

36-year-od Nicole Jakubiak reportedly told her friends that she was having an affair with the 18-year-old male.

It’s alleged that she and the teen had the forbidden affair from March of 2015 through May of 2015.

She also purportedly told fellow teachers that she was having sex with him in her home.

She told authorities that she didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong because he was 18 and “could make his own choices”.

She’s been charged with having an improper teacher/student relationship, and if convicted, could face 20 years in prison.




A Special Education in South Dakota Kari Boll, 29, has been charged with three counts of fourth degree rape for sex with a 15-year-old student.

29-year-old Kari Boll had relations with the teen male victim, who was a West Central High School student.
She was taken into custody Thursday.

The two were involved in a relationship that started this past May and continued until just recently.

The disgraced teacher had worked at the high school for the last three years.

She tendered her resignation and the school board accepted it.

She’s being held at the Minnehaha County Jail on a $25,000 cash bond.




A California middle school teacher was taken into custody Wednesday after she was found to be in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

40-year-old Heather Amanda Butts, a teacher at Taylor Middle School, who taught drama and English, was apprehended on suspicion of lewd and lascivious acts involving a child, and contacting or communicating with a minor with knowledge and intent to commit specified offenses.

It isn’t clear whether or not the girl was a student.

The San Bruno police learned of the relationship after a caller notified them at around 5:40 p.m. Monday that the middle-aged teacher was “engaged in inappropriate behavior” inside a vehicle parked a street in San Bruno.

When officers arrived, they found her in the vehicle with the teen girl. they later determined that she and the girl had been in a sexual relationship.

A warrant for her arrest was issued on Tuesday and she was arrested at her home on Wednesday.

Anyone with more information on the case can anonymously call police at (650) 616-7100 or email [email protected].




A former Arroyo Grande High School teacher in California has had five charges brought against her after authorities announced over eight months ago that she was under investigation on suspicions she’d had sex with an underage male student.

36-year-old Tara Stumph had charges levied against her that include sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation of a minor; both felonies, and three counts of child molestation; misdemeanors.

The alleged incidents occurred between December of 2014 and December of 2015, with the two felony incidents believed to have taken place in June of 2015.

The sexual assault allegations were brought to the attention of school officials, who in turn alerted police on December 4th.

Shortly after, the teacher was put on administrative leave, but the district hadn’t disclosed her name because she hadn’t been arrested and had had no criminal charges filed against her at the time. Since then, however, officials have confirmed that Ms. Stumph no longer works for the district.

Investigators interviewed potential witnesses and collected evidence for quite some time before recommending filing charges to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Tara Stumph was a culinary arts teacher at the school where she worked for about five years.

Her arraignment is scheduled for August 29th.




A substitute teacher in Kentucky has been arrested after allegedly having sex with two male students.

27-year-old Kasey Warren was indicted by a grand jury Friday on charges of third-degree rape and third-degree sodomy.

It all stemmed from a report that Kentucky State Police received on June 28th that she’d had sex with two 16-year-old students. She turned herself in to cops Monday.

She’s been charged with rape because she’d abused her “position of power”.

She was hired by the Carlisle County school system in January, but is understandably no longer employed with them.

She’s being held at the McCracken County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond.




A New Mexico middle school teacher has been arrested after allegations of drug trafficking and promoting prostitution.

40-year-old Anna Marie Schroth, a teacher at Mesa View Middle School has been placed on administrative leave pending the district’s investigation. She’s been teaching at the school for roughly two and a half years.

She’s facing felony charges for promoting prostitution and conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, both felonies, and for tampering with evidence; a misdemeanor.

Her charges are in connection with the arrest of 41-year-old Jordan Carter on July 15th after he was pulled over. He’d been spotted speeding through a stop light.

During that stop, Mr. Carter purportedly reached for a handgun that just happened to be sitting next to a bag in the floorboard filled with a white powder.

During a search of the vehicle, ammo and just over 11 grams of meth were found.

The vehicle he was driving was registered to Ms. Schroth.

She told investigators that she’d gotten a call from Carter from jail telling her to “clean the house,” and that she knew that that meant getting rid of the drugs and drug paraphernalia in her house. Carter lived with her.

She also confessed that she helped him package and deliver meth.

A search warrant was obtained and executed on her home, with drugs, including prescription meds, marijuana, powdered codeine, drug paraphernalia, and two guns being found.

She further admitted to posting an ad on a website for a woman referred to as “Star” for “the purpose of sex activity,” paid for the woman’s motel room, clothes, a cell phone, and that she received a cut of Star’s money from the illicit activities with her clients.

Mr. Carter remains in the San Juan County Detention Center without bond, and Ms. Schroth was released Tuesday night on a $30,000 bond.




An Arkansas substitute teacher, as well as secretary at Arkansas Christian Academy has been arrested after accusations of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

38-year-old Amanda Knight turned herself in to cops Sunday.

She’s been charged with first degree degree sexual assault and is currently residing in the Saline County jail.

No further details are available at this time.




A Wisconsin English teacher just pleaded guilty to sexual assault after she repeatedly slept with one of her 16-year-old students. One of those times was on the same night that her husband to be was at his bachelor party.

28-year-old Sara Domres pleaded guilty Thursday to two charges of sexual assault of a student by school staff; both felonies.

She’s now facing up to 12 years in jail when her sentence is handed down on September 30th.

When she was charged back in April, she’d pleaded not guilty; claiming she’d only hugged the teen when they’d met outside of school.

But court documents revealed that she started a sexual relationship with the victim during the 2014-2015 school year.

The unidentified student told authorities that he’d had sex with her 10 to 15 times.

They had sex in a parking lot in July last year, and at a Motel 6 on the night of her husband’s bachelor party, according to the criminal complaint.

Unluckily for her, investigators got confirmation that the teen’s cell phone had connected to the WiFi at the motel. Ms. Domres had paid for the room with cash.

The boy also told cops that she’d sent him selfies while she was on her honeymoon.

The saucy teacher’s husband even caught the two of them together in another parking lot, which led to a verbal confrontation.

But what started the entire investigation, which kicked off in January of this year, was one of the victim’s own friends, who’d reported the relationship to cops.

When school officials found out about the allegations on two weeks later, they put her on administrative leave. They fired her later after their own internal investigation.

Authorities believe that the relationship had been going since May of last year, and to add a bit of “oh snap” to the story, it’s believed that the teen was a virgin up until the two of them started practicing the carnal arts.

Investigators found over 1,000 text messages sent between the teacher and student, who she affectionately referred to as “baby boo,” during the investigation.

“Baby Boo, I love you now & forever! Please be mine forever & ever. Always, your baby girl. P.S. Good luck on your quiz :)” one of them read.


“Hopefully you’ve been thinking of me Baby Boo. I should go because he will be home soon. I love you. Be good, think of me and no one else! Ha ha,” another read.

The two also exchanged notes, which the teen kept.

One note, which they exchanged during class, had things like:

“We will have to plan something soon. I want a night again. Xoxo.”

“Yes! Definitely soon. I really want another night with you too baby boo!”

“I want to do you 🙂 NOW!!”

Showing signs that she full well knew what she was doing was wrong, her phone, which police confiscated, showed a Google search for “what’s the prison sentence for a teacher sleeping with a student?”

In one text to the boy, she wrote, “I love you, too, baby and will forever. I’m just saying that if you ever don’t, please still love me enough as a person to know how much that’d hurt me,” she said, referring to him keeping quiet about the whole thing.

It’s not entirely clear whether or not the relationship continued after she got married…except the whole “selfies from the honeymoon” thing.

Her husband stood by his girl after she was arrested, and appeared in court with her when she’d pleaded not guilty.

It’s unclear if they’re still together since her guilty plea.




A now-former Tennessee teacher at Pearl Cohn High School teacher has been charged after allegedly performing sex acts on five separate teens.

24-year-old Marquita Alston is alleged to have performed sex acts on the five victims, all 17 years old, between September and November of 2014.

Authorities started their investigation into Ms. Alston on November 24, 2014 after the principal called the police with “disturbing information” she’d received.”

Detectives say they were told the teacher had had sexual contact with multiple students, some of which happened on campus.

She was placed on administrative leave by the school November 25, 2014, and resigned on December 1, 2014.

She’s been charged with five counts of statutory rape.




A California coach and teacher who was accused of carrying on a six-month sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student was sentenced Friday to two years in prison.

38-year-old Toni Nicole Sutton pleaded guilty last month to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation with a minor.

The relationship between Ms. Sutton and the young teen started last summer. She had sex with him in her classroom, in her car, and in her home.


Her defense attorney, Kerry Armstrong, said she’d suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse in her life, and was mentally abused by her ex- boyfriend.

Mr. Armstrong also told the judge that Sutton had been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and has a “great need to be liked and loved”.

Ms. Sutton, herself, told the judge that the relationship with the teen — who’s now 16 — is one that she’ll always regret.

“I’m so ashamed of what I’ve done,” she said.


The victim’s mother, identified only as Loretta, read a letter from her son stating that he doesn’t know whether to be mad or sad.

“My whole life has been turned upside down,” he said in the letter. “She was my first … and she broke my heart. I just want my life back.”

His mother said that the Spanish teacher and volleyball coach at Crawford High School took away her son’s innocence.

In addition to her sentence, she must register as a sex offender for life.




A former teacher, both regular and substitute, was arrested this past Thursday for various sex crimes involving a 13-year-old student.

45-year-old Trisha Anderson Rogers is alleged to have used a cell phone to contact the student for the purposes of arranging to have sex.

The incidents took place between February 29th and May 5th while she was a teacher at Murray Middle School. The 13-year-old victim was a student there

New Hanover County Schools officials stated that when they became aware of the incidents, they notified law enforcement immediately, terminated her employment and internship, and removed her from the substitute teacher list on May 5th.

She’s been charged with indecent liberties with a student, indecent liberties with a child, and solicitation of a child by computer.

She now resides in the New Hanover County Jail on a $20,000 bond.




A former Georgia teacher has been handed ten years in prison for having sexual contact with a student.

Jennifer McCall Hubert only has to spend the first year in jail; the rest of it is probation. She also has to pay a $2,500 fine and register as a sex offender.

She’s also lost her teaching credentials and isn’t allowed to reapply for more.

She was arrested back in November of 2015 for having sexual contact with a student while she was teaching American civics and economics at Thomson High School.




The former Hillsborough County teacher who is alleged to have pulled a student out of class back in January headed to court yesterday.

31-year-old Megan Connors was a math teacher at Turkey Creek Middle School when she was arrested back in February of last year for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy who was a student in her class.

Their relationship had progressed over time, from kissing, to her letting the boy feel her up under her clothes, on up to having full fledged sex multiple times…during school hours…and having sex in the teen’s bedroom.

She’s been charged with seven counts of sexual battery, and two counts of lewd or lascivious conduct.




An Iowa teacher accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old student is blaming school administrators for what she calls “turning a blind eye.”

Mary Elizabeth Haglin says even the cops allowed it to happen after she’d been arrested for her illegal relationship with the 17-year-old boy at Washington High School, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

She told a newspaper that SubCentral, a database for substitute teachers that spans several districts, also needs to take some of the blame, saying that they’d known about the allegations since February, but had ignored it to protect themselves.

The former substitute teacher is due in court next month, charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.

She was ordered to have no contact with the student after being released.

She spoke to a news station about the accusations, however, and claimed that the school knew about the relationship long before they bothered reporting it to the authorities.

She said she takes responsibility for her role and does understand she made a huge mistake, but says the school didn’t help things any.

She says even though the school was investigating, they still assigned her to other Cedar Rapids schools as a substitute.


She’d been released from Washington High School in the middle of May, and was assigned to work at Harrison Elementary, Oak Ridge and Prairie Creek intermediate schools.

Officials say this comes down to “a miscommunication”. Ms. Haglin says it was more like an intentional cover-up.

She says, “From April 17 to May 17, they knew…and certainly probably longer than that, probably since February when they first questioned me.”

“I’m not shying away from this. I’m not running away from this. I’m facing this head-on,” she continued.

She then pulled the past abuse card, saying, “Previous abusive relationships led me into this. The environment the school put me in didn’t help to curb anything.”


“These people all knew what was going on, but they turned a blind eye because they wanted to protect their school and didn’t want it to get into the limelight. They allowed this to happen. They knew in February,” she added.

She’s next due in court on August 12th.




The sex-obsessed now-former teacher’s aide in Pennsylvania who’d admitted having sex with five, four at the time, underage students has now been sentenced.

49-year-old Michelle Mellinger had worked as a special education teacher’s aide at McKeesport High School and had sex with five boys…and tried to have sex with a sixth.

She pleaded guilty to five counts of institutional sexual assault, five counts of statutory sexual assault, and one count of attempted assault.

It isn’t known if her victims, who were all between the ages of 15 and 17, were special ed students.

She was sentenced Tuesday to between 11 and a half months and 23 months in prison, plus one year of house arrest, and five years of probation.





Another teacher, and yes, another female, faces charges related to sexually assaulting a student.

27-year-old Amanda Perreault, who was teaching at St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, appeared in court on charges of sexual assault, sexual interference, luring to commit invitation to sexual touching, and making sexually explicit material available to a child.

Police haven’t revealed specifically when the alleged incidents occurred, but the school she worked in is only attended by kindergarten through the 8th grade.

She’s been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police aren’t ruling out there being other victims, and are asking anyone with information to come forward.




A female teacher is now facing sexual assault charges after police looked into things after allegations surfaced that she’d engaged in sexual conduct with one of her male students.

32-year-old Kyla Cowan-Wilson, an educator in Canada, was arrested on charges of sexual assault, sexual interference, and invitation to sexual touching.

The alleged incidents occurred at the school and happened during school hours over the 2013-14 school year.

A spokeswoman has said that she’s no longer employed by the district. She also said that the saucy teacher had been removed from her position back in September of 2014 for reasons not relevant to this case.

She was released from custody on a $5,000 bond, and is due back in court on July 25th.

She’s been ordered not to talk to four specific people, to stay away from parks and public pools; anywhere children are present, and is not allowed to be alone with males under 16 unless her husband or the teen’s parents are present.