A 15 year old Canadian girl is currently serving jail time for running a prostitution ring set up through social media networks.

Kailey Oliver-Machado, 18, started the “well-organized” ring in Ottawa, Canada. She would contact girls as young as 13 on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and suggest

“sleepovers.” She told them they would be paid to party.Instead, girls who showed up were forced into posing nude, consuming hard drugs, and performing sex acts.

The girls were often confined in small rooms threatened with violence if they did not comply.

Oliver-Machado’s customers would pay about $400 at a time for sex with the victims. According to sources, girls would often show up with teddy bears and pajamas, thinking

the event was a standard sleepover with a new friend. A taxi would then escort them to the house where they would be confined. Justice Diane Lahaie called Oliver-Machado “highly intelligent” and said her ring was a

“sophisticated and well-organized human trafficking enterprise that included wardrobes and client lists.” The court chose to sentence her as an adult, meaning she will serve about 3 years in prison, the maximum sentence.

Oliver-Machado was one of 3 girls responsible for the ring; the other 2 were younger and subordinate to her. There were as many as 9 victims in total, 3 of whom testified at the trial.

Luring: Oliver-Machado would message potential victims on Facebook with a 'party invite'