19-year-old Michael Claude broke into Laurel Middle School in Delaware. While there, he found a jacket he liked and slipped it on. Then he found a floor-buffer and decided to take it for a spin for a while.

After he got bored with that, he decided to take the elevator to explore new and brighter horizons within the school. Just when he thought his night of fun and frolicking had just begun, it took a turn for the worse – the elevator got stuck.

Much as he tried, he just flat could not get those confounded doors open and get out.

Against his better judgment, which, up til now, most argue was noticeably absent, he called the police.

The police arrived and ended up having to call an elevator maintenance company to get the doors open.

Finally freed and wearing his new-found jacket, he was promptly taken into custody.

He’s been charged with burglary, criminal mischief and theft, and was released on $3,800 bail.


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