SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — 19-year-old Murad Mansurovich Kurbanov is facing charges after being arrested for stealing a U-Haul truck and fleeing from police.

The Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake responded to calls about a man in a U-Haul van driving recklessly. When officers attempted to pull the U-Haul over, the driver fled through a red light, police say.

“The driver started to get nervous, and when they lit him up, went to pull him over for a stop, he fled and he blew the light,” Sgt. Nicholas Roberts of Unified Police’s Millcreek Division said.

Later, police received reports of the same vehicle and were able to set up a perimeter and arrest Kurbanov. He is charged with felony theft of a rental vehicle, felony failure to stop or respond at the command of police and a misdemeanor reckless driving.

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