A Tennessee elementary school teacher was arrested Monday for having filmed over 40 girls changing in a closet on school grounds.

30-year-old Jarrett Jones, an assistant band director and former teacher at Napier Elementary school, had secretly filmed the minor girls in the school’s music room using a tiny and hidden recording device.

Mr. Jones had asked a co-worker to take a look at his computer after it began having problems. That co-worker stumbled upon the files and alerted staff.

The videos were taken from a folder on his hard drive titled “Napier” at his home. During police questioning, Jones admitted that he’d recorded around 20 students. Once the hard drive was obtained, police found at least double that number of different young girls recorded.

Authorities detailed one video showing a young girl being led to the music room closet by Mr. Jones, where she was then given a choir shirt to try on.

After Jones leaves the room, the girl changes into the shirt. He then takes her back to the closet, says something to her, then leaves. Once he leaves, the girl removes her training bra and puts the choir shirt back on.

Jones was arrested on two counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation, and three counts of sexual exploitation of minors.

His bond was set at $100,000 and he may well be handed more charges.


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