A Nashville, Tennessee man has been hit with two counts of aggravated rape for an alleged rape that took place Tuesday.

26-year-old Timothy Dewayne Gibson is said to have been in line behind a 55-year-old woman in line at a Walmart, noticed she had curled hands from Lupus, then offered to help her with her groceries once they got outside.

The woman initially refused, but Mr. Gibson insisted. The two walked to her apartment building nearby.

Once they arrived, she thanked him and asked him to leave. He refused, saying that he didn’t have anywhere to go and that he was hungry. He did have somewhere to go…he lived in the same apartment complex.

She offered him some food and let him sleep on her couch.

Sometime during the night is when he’s alleged to have sexually assaulted her. He’s also accused of having stolen her purse and her computer as he went.