Meet David James Kimbrough, a Tennessee man who won’t soon be forgotten.

While what he did isn’t totally unheard of in the US of A, it’s not so much the crime he committed as what transpired overall that has his name and mugshot going viral.

Last week, Surgoinsville police received calls about “strange behavior” from a man at the Riverfront Park. Police Chief James Hammond decided to take the call, himself, in an unmarked car.

When he arrived, he found Mr. Kimbrough putting on what the chief called a “bizarre sexual performance” in front of several witnesses. He’d come out of a van with his pants down around his ankles, walked right past Chief Hammond, continued to the nearby pier, and started masturbating.

According to Hammond, it was as if Kimbrough was putting on a performance, rather than just committing the lewd act.

He’d seen just about enough as the man finished his “business” and started walking back to his van. Just as he got to the chief’s car, he realized he’d just been seen by law enforcement.

Notes Hammond, “He had panties rolled up to make it look like he had breasts, and I shook them out. When I cuffed him and started to have him sit in the car, that’s when he told me he had to get something out. He said he had an enema up his rectum.”

He didn’t believe the man at first, but eventually took off his cuffs to facilitate the removal of said obstruction, before refastening them.

The chief says he did this so that he wouldn’t have to take Mr. Kimbrough to the hospital to have the removal done.

After all was said and done, David Kimbrough was charged with indecent exposure and pleaded guilty to it. He was fined $500.00.

As a result of the incident, which the chief says is one of the most unusual things he’s seen in all his time in law enforcement, he has also stepped up patrols in the area.


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