26-year-old Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District cop Patrick Quinn is in a (potentially) stinky situation – and it’s all by choice…at first, anyway.

He pulled a woman over in the early morning hours of August 11th and then claimed he smelled marijuana. Upon searching the vehicle, he claims marijuana and a marijuana grinder was found.

When he asked her what she’d do if she were in his position, she replied that she’d give a warning. Instead of taking her advice, though, he had ideas of his own.

Now-former-Officer Quinn allegedly told the woman he had a foot fetish and that if she let him sniff and lick her feet, he’d let her go.

According to Assistant District Attorney Daniel Werlinger, as she removed her shoe, the officer noticed she was wearing a skirt and had a new idea; she could give him her panties to take home instead.

Believe it or not, she went with it, reports The Huffington Post, but then it turns out he decided not to accept either form of ‘payment’ and just let her go.

She went straight to authorities and told them about the entire incident. Quinn was identified from fingerprints he’d left on the woman’s insurance card and was taken into custody on two counts of official oppression. He’s now free on bond.

The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District immediately put him on administrative leave.

Authorities believe that Patrick Quinn may have done this before, and are urging any possible victims to come forward by contacting the Harris County District Attorney’s Office at (713) 755-5800.


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