An Odessa, Texas man has been charged with injury to a child after he reportedly spanked his 8-year-old son with a belt for missing a goal during a soccer match.

31-year-old Carlos Jesus Vasquez was released from the Ector County Detention Center on a $15,000 bond Thursday.

On Wednesday, the grandmother of the young boy filed a report with the Odessa Police Department, claiming that her grandson had been spanked by Mr. Vasquez for missing a goal during a soccer match.

She went on to say that the boy was visiting his great-grandmother, who took him into the bathroom, where she found several dark red welts on his buttocks. Police said they were “consistent with being hit with a belt.”

The boy was also interviewed, and he said his dad hit him between 10 and 20 times for missing the goal during the game.

When Vasquez was questioned, he admitted to hitting the boy “about five or six times,” adding that he “knew he had used excessive force.” He was charged with a third-degree felony.

The boy’s mother also says that she saw spank their son five to six times.

She added, however, that when Vasquez continued to spank him, she threatened to call police if he didn’t stop. He did stop, and she said she didn’t report the spanking to police because “he began to come towards her in a threatening manner” and that she’s scared of him.