A Texas probation officer has been busted for having an illicit affair with one of the men she later helped escape from a substance abuse facility.

37-year-old Karla McKeown purportedly helped her lover, 26-year-old Raymundo Alzamora (below, left), as well as 27-year-old Joshua Parsons (below, right), escape from the Peden Community Corrections Facility back in May.

At the time, she was working a second job at the facility for court-mandated treatment, where she met Mr. Alzamora.

After their escape, he reached out to her and she met up with him. She then drove to get Parsons and took them both to her home.


Warrant officers received a tip that the Parsons was in a home on Pepper Ridge Lane on May 8th.

A neighbor, identified as, Brandon Alsobrooks, says he witnessed Parsons trying to escape through the back door of the house before officers re-captured him.

Authorities believe Alzamora was likely hiding in a closet when they raided the home. He remains at large.

He’s charged with aggravated assault and unauthorized absence.


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