A Texas teacher has been arrested and charged after evidence of a sexual relationship with an underage student surfaced.

30-year-old Sandy Doan was purportedly extorted by a 14-year-old male student at Quintanilla Middle School in Dallas in exchange for his silence…to the tune of $26,000.

She confessed to cops to both her behavior and his.

“She confirmed that the student received an image of her exposing her breasts, and they had engaged in explicit text messages,” according to documents.

The two of them had sex a minimum of three times since July of 2015.

The boy’s mother found the messages the two had exchanged. She also noticed that her son suddenly had a lot of money.

The teen had sent Ms. Doan a text in January of 2016 saying, “Aint b’sing watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready to show the cops. Right i aint playing.” [sic]

“He would need money, and he would just call her and ask for more. She would drop it off for him, and you know, he would pick it up and be gone for 2-3 days at a time,” the boy’s uncle revealed.

The boy, according to his family, would then use the money for alcohol and drugs. His mom finally went to the school’s principal.

“She requested that the school tell the teacher to stop providing money to her child as he was using it for illegal purposes and causing issues at home,” court documents read.

The saucy teacher was arrested Friday and charged with sexual assault. She’s also on administrative leave from the school.

The student isn’t expected to be charged with a crime.


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