A 32-year-old Texas woman went to extreme lengths to avenge the murder of her brother. She rounded up three friends, and the quartet kidnapped and drugged his ex-girlfriend for a harrowing three days in a San Antonio, Texas home.

Mercedes Salazar, whose brother was murdered in August in a case that has gone unsolved, apparently felt that his ex-girlfriend was at least partially to blame. The unnamed 25-year-old victim was taken captive early last month and was zip-tied to a chair much of the time, being threatened with knives and scissors.

“We even have reason to believe that there was a blood ritual performed on her,” Sheriff’s spokesman James Keith said.

Authorities say the kidnappers cut up the woman’s palm and cut off part of her hair. The victim also told them that she’d been injected with heroin and forced to take a yellow-and-white pill that caused her to pass out.

Mercedes and another of the kidnappers, 29-year-old James Cerda (below, far left), left Teanna San Nicolas (below, center) to watch the victim while they ran errands on September 9th.

While they were away, the terrified victim convinced her to untie her so that she could use the bathroom and move around the house. When Teanna fell asleep, the victim immediately got in touch with her mother.

Deputies surrounded the house soon thereafter. When they heard the victim screaming for her life, they stormed in, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Upon entry, they saw Teanna threatening the victim with a knife and scissors. She was arrested immediately.

Investigators say that they’re still investigating Mercedes Salazar’s deceased brother’s murder and whether or not the the victim of this heinous crime was involved, but stressed that it was their job to do the investigating and arresting – not the public’s. They also assured the media that the murder case would have no bearing on the prosecution of this case.

Mercedes Salazar, James Cerda, and Teanna San Nicolas now all face aggravated kidnapping charges. Mr. Cerda also received charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, and a parole violation. The fourth kidnapping suspect, Tristan Smith (below right), was also arrested.

Sunday, September 9th, marked the twelfth time Mercedes Salazar has been arrested and booked into Bexar County jail. Since she was 17 years old, she’s faced 43 charges.