With the advent of technology that allows us to contact almost anyone from just about anywhere, there also comes pitfalls. David Ricky Fanuelsen, 39, and Dean Ellis Brown, 22, learned the hard way that there are good places and bad places to keep one’s phone while going about your usual business.
You see, ol’ David and Dean’s ‘business’ got unknowingly broadcasted when one of them ‘butt dialed’ Concrete Solutions’ (their employer’s) office right square in the middle of them discussing what to do with the three saws they’d just stolen from a job site the company was set up at in Key West.
They might have gotten away with it if Concrete Solutions didn’t have voicemail set up. It recorded the entire conversation David and Dean were having about pawning those tools.

After investigators interviewed the two dimwits, they admitted to their dastardly deed and now face felony grand theft charges. They’re currently being held, each on a $10,000 bond in a Key West Jail.

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