666 – The Number of the Beast. Backwards 666 – The Number of the Idiot.

Nikko Jenkins, a 28-year-old man doing time in Omaha, Nebraska for murdering four people in the span of 10 days, had already had his life or death decision delayed on the grounds he’d etched a swastika into his skin. Presumably to put it off even longer, he decided to go with the ultimate sign of evil; 666 – ‘the sign of the beast,’ according to the book of Revelations. But he forgot one small detail: mirrors make things backwards. He carved three characters into his forehead more akin to cartoon and lowercase Ds – ‘ddd’.

He’s doing his darnedest to convince those contemplating his fate that he’s mentally unstable, rendering him ‘ineligible’ for the death penalty.

During his initial murder trial, he’d already pleaded not guilty…then guilty…then went for not guilty by reason of insanity. Proving himself more indecisive than insane, the doctor who assessed him came to the conclusion that Mr. Jenkins was clearly a psychopath, and as the doctor worded it, ‘one of the most dangerous people I’ve ever encountered.’ But a panel will decide his ultimate fate in July.