Three Arizona police officers, Phoenix to be precise, have resigned after a man says they forced him to eat weed they found in his vehicle, and had him do so to avoid going to jail.

A fourth officer, recently promoted to lieutenant, Jeff Farrior, was demoted from lieutenant back down to sergeant for not taking appropriate action.

The three officers, identified as Jason E. McFadden, Richard G. Pina and Michael J. Carnicle had their cameras tuned off when the 19-year-old victim was stopped for a traffic violation at around 3:30 a.m. on September 13th.

The unidentified man was given a ticket for his weed and his car was towed.

The officers then wondered what to do with the marijuana, and decided to have the man eat it or go to jail. When he became sick, he filed a complaint with the department.

Two of the officers are being investigated, both criminally and by the department. The third is being considered a witness to the act, and is only under administrative investigation.

All three officers who resigned were in their first year with the Phoenix Police Department and were probationary.

The police chief was going to fire them and they chose to resign.


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