A Rite Aid store employee was suspected of stealing money to buy scratch-off lottery tickets for the Georgia lottery on “hundreds of occasions.”


The woman would “literally remove money from the register, buy tickets, scratch them off, cash them out and repeat,” according to a report.

When the investigation concluded, it was determined that between $7,000 and $10,000 was missing.


On August 25th, 51-year-old Vickie Jean Matthews was charged with felony theft.

But during the investigation, police also saw theft by two other Rite Aid employees, 55-year-old Robin Booth Mathis and 50-year-old Dianna Eve Farr.

They were likewise charged with theft.


The most surprising part was that the three women all seemed to be doing it by themselves, with no knowledge that either of the others were doing the same thing.

What prompted the investigation to begin with was the fact that that particular Rite Aid location was selling boatloads more lottery tickets than almost every other store in Georgia.


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