Body camera footage of the police shooting of Topeka’s Dominique White was shown publicly for the first time on Wednesday.

The footage, for months the subject of tension between civic leaders and city officials, shows White fleeing from police. White was armed, police said, when officers responded to reports of shots being fired near Ripley Park in late September.

Also on Wednesday, Shawnee County District Attorney Michael Kagay announced he would not pursue criminal charges.

“It is my conclusion based on a review of all relevant facts and law, that the actions of the officers involved in this incident do not rise to the level of criminal conduct,” he said.

Kagay added that the shooting was justified because White hovered his hand over the pocket containing his gun, making him a threat to use deadly force, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Gillian Cassell-Stiga, a New York-based attorney representing the White family, released a statement saying White’s family was “incredibly disappointed” by the decision.

The statement included comments from White’s relatives.

“My son was shot in the back while attempting to run away from officers. The video shows that they did not need to shoot and kill him,” said Mary Theresa Wynne, White’s mother.

Cassell-Stiga said Kagay met with the family before announcing his decision. According to Cassell-Stiga’s statement, Kagay said that though it is “not clear that Dominique posed a threat to the officers,” he did not believe the law supported criminal liability.

The city did not release the officers’ names.

The Capital-Journal published a recording of the footage as it was played during the conference.

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