While investigators were interviewing three children about possible sexual abuse at the hands of a family member, they revealed some things that got a totally different family member brought up on different charges.
58-year-old Linda Brantly had the three children, all of them her grandchildren whom she had custody of, at her home in Orange County, Florida. The children told deputies that Linda would chain them to the washing machine with dog collars and leashes for hours at a time, even having them sleep there, as punishment for various things. She, at other times, had also had them perform what the Internet termed ‘planking’ for extended periods, or have them raise their hands in the air until she said they could lower them.
While the children, all elementary school-aged, weren’t found to have physical injuries, David Ocasio, a spokesman for the Department of Children and Families said, “This mode of alleged discipline is completely unacceptable. While this pattern of child abuse did not cause physical harm, the emotional scars to young children can lead to long lasting damage.”

Deputies indeed found two leashes in Ms. Brantly's laundry room, as well as dog collars, which the children alleged she would attach to their wrists.

She maintains her innocence against both the charges and her grandchildren’s statements and has been released on $5,000 bond.