Two women in Fayetteville, Arkansas were arrested this past Monday on suspicion of elder abuse after an 85-year-old woman was found covered in feces and maggots, live maggots at that.

75-year-old Rose Mary Austin, the victim’s sister, and 54-year-old Evelyn Schafer, the victim’s daughter, were taken into custody when first responders were called to a home just after midnight Sunday on a report of a woman who wasn’t breathing.

The victim was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center with injuries and in a condition that firefighters and hospital staff called the worst they’d ever seen.

She was covered in feces, and her socks were stuck to her feet from all of the swelling caused by contact with the bodily fluids. She had lacerations on her legs with live maggots in the wounds.

One of the wounds, near her ankle, and another on her knee, were so deep that bone and ligaments were visible.

Sgt. Craig Stout, spokesman for the Fayetteville Police Department, said, “It became very obvious that this was a severe case of neglect. The level of neglect there…it’s just very, very disturbing.”

She also had pressure wounds on her side and back that had shreds of newspaper and magazines stuck to them.

The two women, who lived with the victim, told cops that she fell on June 13th, and that they’d put her on the couch. They say she didn’t move or talk until two days later.

Four long days went by as neither Austin nor Schafer called for help, and had no reason to give for the lapse in humanity.

The elderly victim has been placed on a ventilator, with hospital staff saying she may never regain the ability to breath on her own again. Signs seem to point to the woman being unable to walk on her own for quite some time. Her feet and legs were in horrid shape.

The two so-called caregivers appeared in court on yesterday for their bond hearing. They’re next due in court on July 25th.