Two men have been arrested on homicide charges after authorities say a third man was lured to a home and stabbed to death over a stolen game console late Monday.

Seminole County deputies believe Jake Bilotta, 22, and Ian McClurg, 21, coaxed Joshua Barnes, 24, to the home they shared near Maitland and killed him in revenge over a stolen PlayStation, Sheriff Dennis Lemma said.

Deputies were called to the home at 1917 South Boulevard just before midnight. A third roommate, Walter Johnson — who had only lived in the home for about a week — had just arrived home from a Tinder date and found Bilotta in the process of putting Barnes’ body in plastic bags, Lemma said.

He had been stabbed several times with a seven-inch chef’s knife.

Lemma said Barnes had previously lived with Bilotta and McClurg, but had been evicted for about two weeks. Bilotta and McClurg suspected Barnes had broken into their home and stolen the game console, the sheriff said.

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