The recent death of a Rollin 100 gang member has sparked a sickening bet that could see killings rise dramatically in the next few months.

Following the death of infamous Rollin 100 gang member ‘KP’, under the hashtag #100Days100Nights, gang members on both Twitter and Instagram are issuing a sinister warning to Los Angeles residents.

The hashtag serves as a bet between the two gangs to see who can kill 100 people first within the next 100 days, and these 100 people can either be gang-affiliated or completely innocent. It has been reported that the killings may have already started. A man was fatally shot and 12 people were wounded in more than six separate shootings over the weekend in the 77th Street district and in the Crenshaw area.

The police are currently investigating whether or not the killings were part of the #100Days100Nights bet. They are asking individuals not to commute between the streets of Western and Normandie in Los Angeles because they could be risking their lives by doing so.