Two Michigan women have been arrested after it was determined they created a fake Ashley Madison account as revenge on a married woman who they thought was sleeping with one of their husbands.

On three separate occasions, starting last November, men showed up at the woman’s home looking for sex.

46-year-old Teresa Lynn Allen and 51-year-old Gwen Toni Eddy are accused of setting up a fake page on the website, notoriously known as a market for married folks looking to stray, and making the victim appear to be the account holder.

On three occasions between November 13th and December 8th of last year, different men showed up at the victim’s home looking for sex. It was the final visit which concerned Lowell Police Chief Steve Bukala the most; the victim wasn’t home, but her kids were. The man had shown up carrying flowers and “other things” and said why he was there.

“I look at it from a parent point of view,” Bukala said. “You don’t know who’s on the other end of that keyboard.”

Investigators say Allen suspected her husband was having an affair with the victim, though both parties have denied it. When the men started showing up, the victim immediately suspected that Ms. Allen was part of it.

Police linked the IP addresses connected to the Ashley Madison account to the two suspects.

“It’s equivalent to a fingerprint at a crime scene,” Bukala said. “It’s that relevant.”

Authorities say they’re positive they have the right women charged in this case.

“Once the two suspects were confronted with this, all the behavior stopped,” Bulaka said.

When approached by a reporter at her home, Ms. Allen ran inside, declining to comment. No one answered the door at Ms. Eddy’s home.

They’re both charged with unlawful posting of a message, a felony that could get them both up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine.