43-year-old Tanya Chamberlain was at a Missouri carwash vacuuming her car late on the night of November 1st when two boys, aged 13 and 14, allegedly stabbed her in the face, neck, chest and hands before then propping her dead body up in the front seat, then taking the car for a joyride, her feet propped up on the dashboard.

The boys had been pulled over roughly 20 minutes after the incident after an officer spotted the car they were driving swerving all over the road.

When the car pulled over, they fled on foot and police lost sight of them.


When checking back in with the car, officers found a pocket knife covered in blood and what is believed to be the victim’s hair in the backseat.

Later identified as suspects by their hoodies in surveillance video from the Quick Clean Car Wash where Tanya’s car was last seen, the boys were fingered by neighbors and fellow classmates’ parents as students at Bernard C. Campbell Middle School in a suburb of Kansas City.

When the two boys showed up for school the next day, they were wearing those same sweatshirts.

During interviews by authorities, the boys purportedly made incriminating statements that only the killer or killers would know.

Thus far, it’s not known whether they will be charged as juveniles or adults.


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