@ 2:40 you can hear the little girl say, “He licked me right here” while she grabs her crotch and her brother replies “eww”.

Tow truck driver Marcus Dennis is driving through a neighborhood when he notices a commotion going on and overhears that the criminal running away had done something wrong. He makes a u-turn and jumps out of his truck, tackling the man and slamming him to the ground.

Mr. Dennis originally thought that the man had stolen someone’s purse, but it turns out that Mr. Dennis had inadvertently stopped an attempted child abduction. The little child was playing in her own backyard when the abduction attempt occurred.

Mr. Dennis made a citizen’s arrest and held the man down until the police were able to arrive. He was arrested. Standing by and doing nothing was not an option for Mr. Dennis. He felt the need to help and his bravery was commended by the family and neighbors.