A Florida woman stands accused of aggravated battery causing bodily harm in charges that may well be upgraded after she got into a fight with her friend over the return of a pair of shoes.

18-year-old Cortez Fields (above, left) was the owner of shoes that 21-year-old Nicole Hewitt (above, right) had borrowed – and she wanted them back.

During the argument, which occurred around midnight late Friday night/early Saturday morning, Fields punched Hewitt several times. One of them sent her falling down the stairs, where she hit her head and face on the concrete steps.

Hewitt purportedly refused medical treatment Saturday, and hours later, her head had swollen so badly, family members flagged down a fire rescue crew who took her to a hospital. She was pronounced dead a short time later.

Law enforcement officials are awaiting the medical examiner’s autopsy report to decide whether or not to upgrade Fields’ charges.


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