It was a near-genius plan, but Benoit Constant and his accomplice, Milandra Constant, got themselves caught anyway.
You see, for three months, North Carolina police were looking for an elderly white man that had robbed a bank in Cornelius, North Carolina. Surveillance cameras clearly captured the aging man wearing blue surgical gloves, dark sunglasses and a baseball cap holding a gun and a striped bag to have the money put into. But, as you can see, Benoit is not only not elderly, he’s also not white.
So how did they get caught? Turns out Milandra called in a false bomb threat to the Lake Norman YMCA as what investigators believe was a diversion from the robbery of the nearby Telco Federal Credit Union at nearly the same time. Having very few leads except for a silver van seen on CCTV near both locations, police and the FBI traced the van to Delaware. All would have been fine and good, at least for now, if Milandra hadn’t gotten caught in that same silver van about a week after the robbery and Benoit hadn’t gotten himself pulled over in Texas for a traffic violation in his Lexus.
Benoit started out giving a false name, but a run of his license plates revealed that he was wanted in North Carolina. He then he tried to bolt, but was caught very quickly and a search of the vehicle turned up a surprisingly realistic mask of, you guessed it, an elderly white male. The same striped bag he’d been holding in the surveillance video was also found.
He is now being held on $70,000 bond and is being charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, making a false bomb threat, evading arrest, and failure to identify, and is now awaiting extradition to North Carolina for the robbery.
Milandra was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and making a false bomb threat.
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