Jones County Donation for Animals Spent on Vehicles. Sheriff says, ” It’s my money now!” Lindell Kay

Funds donated by the daughter of New York City’s former mayor to the Jones County Sheriff’s Office to help fight animal cruelty were instead spent on new vehicles, according to meeting minutes and sources familiar with the matter.

Jones County officials are being tight-lipped about the situation, but documents show that most of $80,000 donated to Sheriff Danny Heath by Georgina Bloomberg was spent on purchasing new vehicles.

Jones County Commissioner Sondra Ipock-Riggs made a motion during a November 2012 meeting that two Ford Expeditions purchased with donated funds be added to the county’s insurance policy, according to minutes.

County staff had not responded to questions about the purchases by press time.
Bloomberg’s representatives said they would respond to questions after determining how the donation was spent.

Bloomberg was in Jones County in March 2012 working with the U.S. Humane Society when the
Sheriff’s office busted an alleged puppy mill and rescued more than 80 dogs and a pregnant cat. The scene was one of the worst in recent state history, according to the organization’s North Carolina director.

Bloomberg and her friend, publishing heiress Amanda Hearst, spent a day working with authorities to examine the numerous bulldogs, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, pugs and terri-ers found at the rural Jones County residence.

Afterward Bloomberg announced she was donating $80,000 to help the sheriff’s office animal unit. The funding was to pay for veterinarian bills and relocation expenses for animals seized under similar circumstances.

Ipock-Riggs offered three weeks ago to purchase all the copies of ENC Weekly, which included a report about a Jones County deputy accused of stealing a firearm from evidence.

Subsequent reports detailed two other situations in which that deputy — Timothy Corey — allegedly injured a suspect’s hand during booking and crashed his Ford Expedition to stop a fleeing suspect. According to sources, his replacement vehicle came out of Bloomberg donation.

Heath hasn’t answered questions from ENC Weekly. He de-friended ENC Weekly’s
publisher and editor on Facebook when questions about Corey arose.

Threats have been made against ENC Weekly’s publisher, according to police reports.

For those of you that are following the post on corruption in Jones County, Sheriff’s Department Danny Heath has taken the stance that Narcotics Investigator Timothy Corey did not steal the handgun. He says it was merely a procedural error. So what happens when a Jones County NC Deputy has a procedural error? Well, in this case he is rewarded by being sent the following week to Sniper Training in Craven County NC. This adds to his credentials and basically gives him skills to kill in silence. This is particularly bothersome to me seeing I have had many personal threats for simply reporting the truth about this low life. I would like to give Sheriff Heath the benefit of the doubt being he is a high school drop out, but I just can’t, simply because the Sheriff knows this deputy lied to him and stole the friggin’ weapon. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not knocking people without a high school education as we all know that some of the most successful business leaders in this GREAT COUNTRY are drop outs in one form or the other, however Heath is not on this list of leaders and never will be. On another note I have noticed that the Heath supporters seem to be more vocal and negative on FB, however I have had over 100 calls from concerned Jones County residents that are extremely pleased that they now have a voice in ENC WEEKLY. Store locations sold out the first day.

Another interesting twist to this whole situation was that our delivery driver was approached by a Jones County Commissioner who offered to buy the entire circulation. Why would a public official want these papers off the street so bad? Hmmmm, that’s what I said.

Bottom line for this update is, We are on it and will pursue story until the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations comes in and sorts it out. Very easy case as Corey will fold like a cheap dishrag under questioning, however Sheriff Heath told me personally that the S.B.I. would not do an investigation unless he calls them in. I guess he has gone from a Buford Pusser wannabe to GOD in a matter of days. I have 100% confidence that our sources are legit and am willing to fight it in court.

Actually I am proud that we have a forum in which the Sheriff cannot silence.

Newspapers of the past use to be on stories like this like white on rice. Not so today, they try to be politically correct. To much work in going out and finding sources.

In closing, I would like to leave the residents of Jones County with this question.

Why was Jones County Narcotics Investigator Timothy Corey terminated from the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Department for violent behavior allowed to run rampant in your county with no supervision and why is his partner Groom allowed to carry a firearm with a past suicide attempt?

ENC WEEKLY will never succumb to corrupt state or county officials. The citizens deserve better!