Teacher’s aide and cheerleading coach at Greece Olympia High School in Greece, New York, Christina Jewell-Belluccio, 32, has been charged with the now-becoming-all-too-familiar felony third degree rape after having been accused of having sexual relations with a 16-year-old male student from the school she’s employed by. But this one has been charged with two counts of it.
Ms. Jewell-Belluccio, 32, will face the Greece Town Court on March 11th after allegedly having sex with the teen, not only in her home, but another location, several times in June of 2014.

She had been awarded Class A Coach of the Year in 2014 after being hired by the school two years ago, and also started working as a senior teacher's aide last year.

School district officials started an internal investigation after rumors began to swirl Monday, and then contacted the police.

Ms. Jewell-Belluccio resigned from her duties at the school and has been released on bail. But what may surprise some is the rallying of support she has received.

The cheerleading squad she oversaw has had some of its members hitting social media to defend her: 'Regardless of everything my coach was the best person I've met, and this won't shake my image of her. We love you JB. OHS always and forever,' one wrote. Another felt bad for both the squad andJewell-Belluccio, Tweeting, 'I just feel so bad for the cheerleaders. They must feel awful right now. She brought the cheer program back on its feet…it's just so sad.'

Priorities and severity are in the eye of any given beholder, it seems.

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