Thieves kept stealing Jaireme Barrow’s Jeep Wrangler parts right off his front porch, so the Tacoma, Washington native fought back by building a trap that sets off a 12-gauge shotgun blank and scares the living bejesus out of idiot burglars. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt anyone, but it’s the last noise any would-be thief wants to hear.

(Note: We do not encourage you to do this. Someone could get hurt.)

I chatted with Barrow over Facebook, and he told me he’s caught package-snatchers in the act four times with his video camera, and that he just “wanted to even the playing field.”

A motorcycle cop was captured on video fumbling around during an unsuccessful attempt to operate a bike on their own. In concerning footage captured Monday from the side of an unknown road, the officer, believed to be a woman, is shown struggling to stay steady on the bike as she tries to ride off into traffic. Before long, a Good Samaritan is seen running up to the officer as he holds her bike level to assist her in getting on.

Many people have done it; sent a text to someone that was meant for someone else. Well, one Maryland woman did it and now her humiliation has gone viral.

The Baltimore woman named Zoe accidentally sent her boyfriend the text she’d meant to send to a friend of hers confessing her inner dilemma for cheating on that boyfriend, identified as Jordan McNelly.

She was apparently trying to get advice from said friend, but inadvertently sent it to her lover of two years. He put it on blast via Twitter.

Her illicit message detailed how she’d planned to see her forbidden lover behind Jordan’s back because ol’ Jordo had to work. But when he realized he was off that day, she had to cancel her plans quick.

“I don’t wanna let my other guy down,” she wrote. “I feel so bad BC I’m letting them both down BC I’m a stupid whore. And I’m so sad, and I already waxed my entire fucking body to fuck this dude HELP!”

You see, Jordan had been working 60+ hours a week to save up the money for he and Zoe to go to Florida together. He then confronted her about the message and she threw out a story claiming it was a dream she was recounting.

He dumped the girl and took to Twitter to publicly shame his now ex-girlfriend.

That tweet now has tens of thousands of re-tweets and messages of support from random people across the Internet.

Unfortunately, an online supporter of Jordan’s has taken the brunt of Zoe’s shame. Why? Her name is Zoe too.

Zoe Friedel, was luckily amused after she became the target of trolls who’d confused her with the cheating lover.

Jordan quickly attempted to clear up the misunderstanding for her. “Zoe doesn’t have twitter so can y’all please stop harassing everybody named Zoe?” he pleaded.


A divorced mother of two in New York woman was fired, but not until she’d donated a kidney to help save her boss’ life.

47-year-old Debbie Stevens filed a formal complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission back in 2012 after the shocking turn of events.

She claims her boss used her for her kidney, then fired her “after the woman got what she wanted.”

Her boss, 61-year-old Jackie Brucia, had hired Ms. Stevens in January of 2009 as an assistant.

“She just started treating me horribly, viciously, inhumanly after the surgery,” Stevens said. “It was almost like she hired me just to get my kidney.”

Stevens wasn’t a perfect kidney match for Ms. Brucia, so she (Stevens) ended up donating it to an out-of-state stranger instead. She also did this to help her boss to move up on the organ donor list.

Stevens underwent her surgery on August 10, 2011, and the organ went to someone in Missouri.

She returned to work four weeks later, and that, she says, is when the problems started.

“Screaming at me about things I never did, carrying on to the point where she wouldn’t even let me leave my desk. It was constant, constant screaming,” Stevens said.

She was then demoted and moved to a location 50 miles from her home.

After talking to a psychiatrist for her stress, she hired attorneys who sent a letter to the company she worked for.

Within a week, she was fired.

She was seeking damages for lost pay, psychological and physical well-being.



Charles Manson, the convicted mass murderer has been moved from prison to a hospital and is reportedly “seriously ill”.

He was transported to the hospital on Tuesday, Jaunary 3rd, from Corcoran State Prison in California.

The over-four-decade inmate, now 82 years old, is being treated at a hospital in Bakersfield, a little over an hour away from the prison.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has refused comment on whether or not he’d been hospitalized, due to inmate security, but did say that he’s alive.

It’s interesting, other than for the more obvious reasons, because the prison has medical facilities to treat prisoners that require “urgent or emergency care,” as well as in-patient hospital stays.

Joyce Hayhoe, a spokeswoman for the federal receiver who controls prison medical care, said, “In general, inmates are sent to outside hospitals if they need surgical services, emergency care, or diagnostic services of an acute nature. These services are not provided in state prison facilities.”

Manson has been locked up for the better part of half a century for the series of murders he committed and orchestrated in 1969.