A Washington State couple forced a six-year-old boy to eat hot dogs mixed with cooking oil in some bizarre smoothie concoction, as well as made him strenuously work out and deprived him of sleep. They’ve been given 20 years behind bars to pay for it.

30-year-old Christopher Sefton and 31-year-old Lori Lloyd forced his 6-year-old son to live on the odd cocktail while simultaneously abusing him and leaving him at the point that he’d be seen at school looking for food in trash cans.

The boy, who’s only been identified as K., was horribly emaciated when someone finally came to his rescue.

“They were using food to torture him,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Cecelia Gregson said. “It has the added benefit of trying to kill him, but it was a very effective form of torture.”

In addition to essentially being starved, he was forced to do pushups while wearing a backpack filled with canned goods, and wasn’t allowed to sleep.

Gregson says that dozens of calls to child protective services did no good whatsoever.

Suspicion had been rampant at the young boy’s school, but came to a head when he showed up at school covered in bruises and shaking uncontrollably.

He was taken to the emergency room, where his stomach was found badly distended from malnutrition.

The couple were each charged with first-degree assault of a child, second-degree assault of a child, and first-degree criminal mistreatment.

The jury returned its verdict of guilty on March 15th, and the judge handed down a sentence described as “outside the usual range” for child abuse..

“Judge Cayce held that to give the standard range would be to ignore the jury’s imposition of multiple aggravating factors and would not result in a fair or just sentence,” Gregson said following Thursday’s hearing. “He found that 20 years was warranted in this case because it was exceptional in every way.”