A mother in West Virginia has been arrested after being accused of punching her son in the face after he ordered the wrong burrito from Taco Bell.

48-year-old Loretta Lynn Armstrong is said to have attacked her 15-year-old son after he came home from the the fast food restaurant with the wrong version of her burrito.

She’s been charged with child abuse.

Corporal Dean Bishop, the first officer at the scene, said, “The mother was hitting her child in the face.”

He then pulled her off of her son and tried to get her into handcuffs, but she purportedly pulled away and laid down on her driveway.

“She screamed and cussed and yelled and claimed she was having a heart attack,” Corporal Bishop said.

Paramedics were called and quickly determined that there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with her…medically, anyway.

It took several officers and an astonishing three hours to get Ms. Armstrong into custody because “she didn’t settle down”, Bishop said.

Armstrong was sure to let the officers know that she’d be suing them and getting them fired.

Her oldest son, identified as Jesse, defended her by saying she went to church and was a peaceful person.

Corporal Bishop felt a little differently, saying: “There’s a difference between spanking your kid and punching your child in the face. There’s no sense in ever getting into an argument like that over a burrito – just let it go.”

She’s been charged with child abuse, misdemeanor obstruction, intimidating a public official, and disorderly conduct.

She’s being held at Western Regional Jail on a $31,000 bond.