torrezThis one is not gun related, but is certainly a story of self-defense and refusing to be a victim.

According to multiple media outlets, 27-year-old lightweight MMA fighter Joe Torrez and his family were threatened by a man identified as Leonard Calvillo over the phone.

Calvillo made good on his threats of violence and showed up at the home Torrez shares with his fianc?, their son and his fianc?’s sister.

Calvillo brought along three other men, all identified as gang members by police.

At least one of the suspects was armed with a knife. The suspects broke into the home and then, apparently, Torrez had them right where he wanted them.

Torrez was able to fight off all four men. Torrez killed one of the suspects during the melee and another suffered severe facial injuries. Police apprehended the other two suspects.

Torrez suffered only minor injuries and his family was not harmed. According to one report, Torrez and his family could be seen quickly moving from the

home following the incident, perhaps fearing gang retaliation.