The wife of a Tennessee high school football coach has been arrested after sleeping with one of his players, who was underage.

26-year-old Kelsey McCarter had a sexual relationship for almost a year with a student at South-Doyle High School.

He was only a freshman when the sex began in February of 2015, and was a sophomore and a football player by the time the relationship was discovered in late December.

She’s married to Justin McCarter, who served as an assistant football coach for the Cherokees, the school’s football team, before resigning in February. He’d also served as a teacher’s aide from the time he started at the school in 2008.

She’s been charged with six counts of statutory rape, which included oral and vaginal sex, as well as a single count of exploitation of a minor by electronic means.

That affair led to the investigation of the principal and assistant principal of the school on allegations that they failed to report the sexual abuse.

In the end, neither was charged, but both are still on paid administrative leave.

It’s even said that the student lived with Mrs. McCarters when the affair occurred.

She was arrested this past Thursday and is being held on a $30,000 bond.