A Michigan woman accused of biting off her friend’s ear told police that she was playing a wolf and the victim was playing a vampire, according to authorities.

Allison Thompson Weaver, 44, and a 48-year-old woman were found partially nude and covered in blood in the early hours of Sept. 17 at an apartment building in Rochester Hills. Officers responded to the scene after a 911 caller reported hearing women fighting.

Deputies said they knocked on the door and also heard someone moaning and calling for help. They entered the apartment through an unlocked door and went upstairs, police said.

Weaver and the victim were in the master bedroom covered in blood, officers said. The 48-year-old had several bite marks on her face and part of her left ear had been bitten off, according to authorities.

“This is very unusual,” said Sgt. Jason Dalbec, of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. “This is one of those cases that will be once in a lifetime for deputies.”

Police said Weaver was hovering over the woman on the floor next to the bed.

Weaver was under the influence of alcohol or unknown drugs that had been recovered at the scene, police said.

“They saw the two women covered in blood,” Dalbec said. “One was lying on the floor. Another was kneeling next to her, and they’re both in this dazed and confused (state).”

The 48-year-old woman told police she had invited Weaver to her home for drinks, but Weaver made sexual advances toward her. When she refused and went to bed, she was awakened by Weaver, who had removed her clothes and was strangling and biting her, according to officials

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