A Florida teenager has been arrested after she ditched her dog on a roadside and laughed as it ran into oncoming traffic while chasing after her car.

The unusually named Anna Kist, 18, was charged with animal abandonment following the heartless incident which occurred in Eustis on Wednesday morning.

The entire episode was witnessed by local police officer Todd Luce, who noticed the pit bull being pushed out of a tan colored car.

According to a Facebook post penned by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, ‘the vehicle immediately drove off and the dog began to chase the car in busy traffic’.

Several cars reportedly had to swerve to miss the pup, who was desperately attempting to get back to its owner.

Officer Luce chased down the car, and found Kist inside the automobile on her own.

She is alleged to have been ‘amused’ by the fact that her dog was almost hit by multiple vehicles.

Kist reportedly told Luce that she and her sister could no longer care for the dog and that abandoning it was her only option.

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