Think of the media circus that would occur if a woman walked into a police station with her husband and filed a report saying she had been raped – by a police officer. Not only that, but that she had become pregnant and that he had raped several other women as well.
Well, thanks to suspicious cops, no such media circus shall take place. Why? Oh….well, she made up the whole thing.
Yes, Gina Louise Causey, a 40-year-old married woman from Louisiana walked into the Mandeville Police station to report the unbelievable tale and did so to hide the fact that she’d cheated on her husband and gotten pregnant.
Her story had been that she had been kidnapped at gunpoint in broad daylight while eating at a Mandeville lakefront, made to lay in the floorboard of the car for a short drive to a house nearby, and then taken inside and raped. He then supposedly demanded her driver’s license, which he threw in a box with ‘several others,’ took her picture, and then told her that if she went to the police, he would know.
Corporal Kevin Covert of the Mandeville Police Department said her story was ‘like something straight out of Hollywood.’ With a plethora of inconsistencies in what happened and when, the police doubted her story very early on.
She finally broke and came clean, admitting that she’d come up with the story to hide the fact she’d become pregnant from an extramarital affair.
She was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief, and likely won’t even face jail time.