A Utah woman has been arrested for pretending that her own husband had killed her.

Rebbecca Spring Nielson was taken into custody on Tuesday and is now facing charges of criminal mischief and making a false police report involving death.

Police say the 44-year-old Bluffdale resident became embroiled in a fight with her husband in the early hours of Tuesday morning after learning that he was texting another woman.

She purportedly wrote: ‘I have shot my wife and don’t know what to do’.

The woman replied and asked whether the text message was serious, to which Spring Nielson responded that it ‘wasn’t a joke’.

According to the police report, published in Gephardt Daily, ‘the woman continued to receive text messages informing her that the wife was dead and not breathing’.

She then asked whether she should call an ambulance to couple’s Bluffdale home, to which a text came through saying: ‘Yes’.

The woman called 911, and police promptly arrived at Spring Nielson’s residence, demanding that the husband come outside.

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