Florida woman, 22, who was arrested this week for allegedly driving a meth-covered truck told police she was going to pick up her boyfriend from jail.

Lois Jean Gleeson, of New Port Richey, was detained by deputies from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office shortly before midnight on Wednesday during a traffic stop. During questioning, police spotted a “ripped plastic baggie with a crystal substance all over the driver’s seat and floor board.”

The deputies quickly identified Gleeson as a “prolific offender” who was “known to drive with her license suspended or revoked, an arrest report said.

After being asked to step out of the vehicle—a Ford pickup truck spray painted black—police said the woman admitted to driving without a valid license and claimed that it would cost $20,000 to get it back. A search revealed it had been revoked last August.

The situation became more serious when officers looked inside the truck, according to the arrest report, which said the crystal substance was seized and tested positive for methamphetamine. When weighed, the drugs weighed seven grams.

“The defendant claimed that the vehicle is not hers, and she took the vehicle when it was already dark just to come and pick up her boyfriend from jail. The defendant claimed she was not aware of the substance being spread out all over the front seat,” the sheriff’s office report noted.

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