Two Wyckoff, New Jersey lovers have somehow avoided jail – yes, both of them – after they decided a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014 would be to do some heroin together. No big deal, right? Well, unless you add in the fact that they left it sitting around her upscale apartment and it then got ingested by the woman’s baby.
26-year-old Mark Tomat and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Tara Bradbury (henceforth referred to as Mark and Tara for more clarity) just went to court last week for the idiocy they committed last year.
Mark had later left Tara’s apartment after their celebratory high, and about an hour later, learned through frantic text messages back and forth between the two, that the baby had ingested the heroin. Paramedics were called and a fatality was narrowly averted by administering Narcan, a drug used to treat heroin overdose.
But during the investigation, according to prosecutor John L. Molinelli, deleted text messages had been discovered where the two planned to play stupid as to what was wrong with the infant. When Wyckoff Police officers searched Tara's apartment, they found a drug, Suboxone, used to treat addiction to narcotics, as well as other drug paraphernalia.
Apparently, this counted as an effort to quit her nasty habit, helping her avoid jail time – well, as a sentence, anyway. She had indeed served some time after turning herself in to Bergen County Jail so that she could receive ‘proper medical attention’ prior to the birth of the couple’s first child; her second, on February 27th of this year.
She was sentenced to drug court for the near-death of her baby. She received treatment at an ‘intensive drug program’ to make sure she stayed away from the drugs and avoid possibly harming her second child.
Mark, on the other hand, received mere probation for the sickening and, albeit accidental, negligent stunt. Warren Sutnick, Mark’s attorney, said that he had made 'enormous strides' since the incident and that he believes his client will be 'very successful'.
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