Pramila Mondal, an alcoholic mother who lives in Gopalpur, India, was beaten by an angry mob of locals in her community after the news about her slicing off and eating her 2-year-old daughter, Bharati Mondal’s, scalp spread.

The child’s uncle, Dablu Mondal, rescued her after he heard her screaming in pain. When he went to investigate the matter, he found her cutting off a portion of her daughter’s flesh and eating it. He took the child away from her and rushed her to Malda Medical College and Hospital where she was admitted to ICU.

When the news reached the community, a group of locals tied up the mother with ropes and beat her. Pramilla’s sister-in-law, Mamta, called the police to rescue her from the locals. The mother was taken to the hospital and treated for the injuries she received from the beatings.

She is due to appear in court soon.


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