A woman’s breasts can be used for many things: She can use them to her advantage to get the things she wants from men. She can expose and shake them to make money. She can use them to give nourishment to her child. She can even use them as a weapon. The latter is what Erica Leeder, a 26-year-old Australian decided to use them as – well one of them, anyway.
Erica was arrested and taken to the Rockingham police station, about 30 miles from Perth, on an outstanding warrant. While topless during a strip search, she decided to take hold of one of her breasts, squeeze it, and spray the female officer with milk, hitting the officer on her forehead, arms and clothes. This lead to a charge of assaulting a police officer.
She was denied bail because she had assaulted a police officer before.
A mental health evaluation will be carried out before she returns to court next week. If she’s convicted, she faces up to 18 months in jail or a fine up to $18,000.