A Belleview woman crashed a car into a liquor store early Tuesday and then stole a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey, according to officials with the Belleview Police Department.

Shortly after 5:30 a.m., BPD officers responded to the Winn-Dixie Liquor Store at 11310 S. U.S. 441 in response to an alarm. The front glass door was significantly damaged.

Store surveillance video showed a woman driving a Nissan Altima into the door. The woman, who was wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark pants, got out of the car and went inside. She took a 1.75 liter bottle of Jim Beam that had a sale price of $23.99, with an extra $10 off.

An employee who viewed the film told officers that the woman, Suzanne Campbell, lives next door to the store.

Officers went to the home, on Southeast Campbell Road, where they saw the car, which had damage on the front right passenger side. Inside the vehicle was a half-empty bottle of Jim Beam.

Officers knocked on the door of the home and a woman opened it. Several women were inside. The officers were invited in and found Campbell, 56, lying on a bed.

Campbell told the officers that she was too intoxicated to walk. She told the officials she had driven her vehicle into the store.

The officers were told that Campbell had not eaten in five days and had been consuming alcohol.

An ambulance was called for and Campbell was taken to the Summerfield Emergency Room for treatment for high alcohol intake. Police said she had to be cleared twice from the hospital before she could be booked at the Marion County Jail.

Campbell faces charges of burglary, retail theft and criminal mischief. She remained at the jail on Wednesday, with bail set at $6,000.

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