A woman met a young girl online and drove her more than 1,000 miles to South Carolina, where she sexually assaulted the child, according to federal investigators.

When FBI agents showed up at Katrina Aliff’s apartment in Greenville, she was only wearing a tank top and the girl was naked in her bed, according to investigators. Aliff is charged with kidnapping, child sex abuse and sex with a minor under 12.

Investigators said Aliff, 23, and the child met on the online app Amino. When the girl’s father found their conversations, he took away the girl’s phone, according to the FBI. The two continued to talk on a tablet, and Aliff and the girl made plans for the woman to pick up the child near her home in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, and take her back to South Carolina.
Aliff drove more than 1,000 miles and picked the girl up at about 2 a.m. Sept. 7 and the two drove back to Greenville, according to court filings.

As they left South Saint Paul, the FBI said, Aliff tried to destroy her phone by putting it in a cup of coffee so police could not track her location.

When the phone was still working, the girl ”in an effort to assist with the destruction of the cellular telephone stabbed the telephone multiple times with a knife. Upon completion, the cellular telephone was placed back into coffee where it became non-functional.”

Once back at Aliff’s apartment in Greenville, she sexually assaulted the young girl, officials said. Police showed up at the apartment the day after the kidnapping, found the child and arrested Aliff, according to court filings.

The federal judge ordered a mental health evaluation on Aliff after the arrest. Prosecutors filed an indictment Tuesday, federal court records show.

Federal prison records show Aliff is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

McClatchy news group has reached out to Aliff’s attorneys for comment.

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