What would you think if you heard moaning and crying coming from a bathroom at work? And then what would shoot through your mind if you then entered said bathroom and found it covered in blood with no one in sight? Well, that’s just what happened at Ceva Logistics, a freight management company in Wyandotte, Michigan on March 31st.
It was just two hours into the work day when the above happened. Two employees had heard these moans and crying and had gone investigating. After getting a hold of emergency services and doing a person-by-person investigation throughout the office, they then came upon 25-year-old Kim Pappas. She had traces of blood on her clothes. With more thorough investigation immediately thereafter and searching her desk, they discovered a horrific sight in her desk drawer.
There, wrapped in a sealed plastic bag and then placed into a tote bag, was the lifeless body of a brand new baby boy. No one had even known Kim was pregnant. Showing no signs of life, he was later officially pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.
Knowing her gig was up, Ms. Pappas (mostly) admitted what had happened. She claimed she’d had a miscarriage. But an autopsy suggested otherwise; suffocation. She had given birth in that bathroom and had then used cuticle scissors to cut the umbilical cord. It’s estimated the baby had been in the bag-within-a-bag for between 15 and 30 minutes.
Pappas has been charged with felony premeditated murder and first degree child abuse and was denied bail in an arraignment hearing held via a video link, Friday.