52-year-old Li Xiuling was arrested after she confessed to murdering a neighbor’s 5-year-old grandson on July 8th because she thought he was smarter and healthier than her own child. She lured Wang Minghan to her home in Haocun village in China’s Henan province where she strangled him. Then she buried him in a planter that she had dug in her garden a couple weeks earlier in preparation.

Li went to her neighbor’s house where she found the young boy playing outside and unattended. During this time, his grandmother was in the shower. When she got out of the shower, she noticed that her grandson was gone. He had left his shoes on the floor, so she suspected that somebody had abducted him.

Another neighbor recalled seeing a middle-aged woman loitering suspiciously in front of the house earlier. They also witnessed a large car speed away not long after. The child’s lifeless body was discovered on July 26th.

After her arrest, she told the police that she was so intensely jealous of the 5-year-old boy that she plotted to murder him. He stood out to her as a stark contrast to her own grandson who suffered from the chronic degenerative disease, muscular atrophy.

The incident is still under investigation.