One day last week, Summer Sullivan’s roommate noticed a cinder block from the yard surrounding their Ybor City home had been moved to a spot right under Sullivan’s bedroom window.

It had never been there before.

As they checked their surveillance cameras, the roommates were shocked to see a man walking around their property, peering in their cars and looking in their windows the week of Thanksgiving.

They counted no fewer than five times that week that the man appeared outside their house.

On almost every occasion, Sullivan was home alone.

Sullivan, 19, and her roommate, Anna Klettke, immediately called the police and filed a report.

On Monday — after more than a week of fearing being alone in the house — Sullivan received the welcome news that Tampa police had arrested a suspect.

Around 11 p.m., officers spotted Denzel Crumbley walking into a dark alleyway near Sullivan’s property, hiding behind a tree while holding onto a chain-link fence.

Crumbley, 26, was charged with five counts of loitering and prowling and two counts of attempted burglary.

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