A 46-year old Indiana woman, Christina Lorena Reber, has been sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted of felony battery on her ex-boyfriend.

In March of 2012, Ms. Reber, who the victim had broken up with a few days prior, entered the home of the unnamed 60-year-old former lover, uninvited. While the victim was sitting at his computer, Reber started punching him in the head. A scuffle then ensued. During that scuffle, Reber grabbed hold of the man’s scrotum with a death grip. During the melee, the victim described Reber grabbing his scrotum tighter and tighter, digging her nails in and “grabbing as hard as she could… refusing to let go.”

As the couple fell to the ground, he was finally able to escape her grasp. But his scrotum was left badly torn and bleeding profusely. While being interviewed by investigators at ironically-named Ball Memorial Hospital, law enforcement noticed his shirt was covered in blood.

Detailed in their report, obtained by The Smoking Gun, cops described the victim’s scrotum as sporting a “long, wide tear which had been torn loose from his body.” His injuries were treated with stitches, but ultimately required reconstructive surgery to repair.

The Circuit Court judge who handed down Reber’s two-year sentence described it as “an extraordinarily heinous injury.” When checked in on a couple of days later, the victim said that his still-bleeding scrotum was so swollen that he wasn’t able to walk and was missing work as a result. As can be expected, he is experiencing ongoing pain.

Christina Lorena Reber