24-year-old Kate Lamothe of California tried pulling off a vape heist that happened on July 30 in Pinellas Park, Florida.

The vaper walked into an Exxon gas station three miles away from a vacation home she was reportedly staying in around 11-pm at night

Lamothe asked the gas station clerk to view a $42 Juul vape pen she was interested in buying.

That’s when Lamonthe booked it out of the convenience store and made a dash for a waiting Lyft car she hoped to use as a getaway car.

Unfortunately for her, the driver wanted no parts in the great vape heist and refused to drive her home.

That’s when she decided to go to plan B and ordered an Uber van as a backup car before she began walking away from the scene.

Meanwhile, the gas station clerk called local authorities and reported the stolen Juul.

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