32-year-old Danielle Nebelung and her beaux, 37-year-old Anthony Caruso, had just returned home from Waldenburg Bar in Macomb, Michigan on a late night in March when they started arguing over the bills. At around 2:45 am, Anthony called the police.
Danielle apparently had gotten so infuriated with him that she had leapt onto his back and got her chompers ahold of the top of his left ear – biting a sizable chunk clean off. The police, when they arrived, actually located the disembodied bit of flesh on the floor. She was arrested for aggravated assault and held on $10,000 bail.
What led up to the biting differs, depending on who you ask. Danielle claims she was simply defending herself from Anthony’s ‘unwanted advances,’ while Anthony claims she simply became enraged during an argument over their bills; so much so, that she started punching him in the face and head before lunging herself onto his back.
“I begged her three times to let go. On the third time she ripped it off like a dog,” Anthony told a Detroit newspaper. She even smiled afterward, he claims.
She was facing a felony charge of assault with intent to maim and a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault, but pleaded no contest to domestic violence, a misdemeanor, instead.
She claimed self-defense during her trial, but no one was buying it. On Friday, she was sentenced in Macomb County Circuit Court to two years probation and ordered to attend anger management classes as well as submit to random drug testing. She has further been ordered to have absolutely zero contact with her now-ex boyfriend.
She can apply for an early end to her probation after a year if she stays out of trouble.
But it doesn’t end there. Anthony Caruso filed a civil lawsuit against her. She had been hauled into a trial once for it already, but the jury was hopelessly deadlocked, resulting in a mistrial. Her retrial is scheduled for this week.
Luckily, doctors were able to reattach the chunk of ear to its original location.